Dry Shampoo +


Organic and talc free dry shampoo




FeGoo Dry Shampoo + includes organic ingredients to help absorb oil and help leave your hair feel clean and smell fresh between washes. Our Dry Shampoo+ does not use aerosols and the granules are free from alcohol, aluminium, palm oil, plastic microbeads, sulphates, talc, and toxins to ensure the smallest impact on the environment possible.

The innovative packaging is easily recyclable too, aiding you in cutting down your plastic wastage and the dry formula means it’s safe to pack in your hand-luggage for all those overseas adventures.

Save water and keep your adventures fresh. Feel good, do your thing – work, play and travel.


FeGoo Dry Shampoo


Who is it for?

FeGoo Dry Shampoo + is for those on the move but conscious of the impact they may be having on the environment.

Washing your hair daily is not only damaging for the environment-but for your hair too. It can strip away the natural oils that keep your hair feeling healthy and well nourished. Over washing and then applying heat to the hair to get that desired look can damage hair irreparably when all it needed was a freshen up.

Our Dry Shampoo + will help you stay fresh between washes without the need for water. That’s better for the environment as it reduces the amount of chemicals leaked into rivers, lakes or oceans. It can be applied as a deodorant too so you can cut down the number of products you need to carry in your kit.

FeGoo Dry Shampoo + is for everyone who loves to travel with a light footprint!


IngredientsWhere it comes fromWhat it does in FeGoo product
Tapioca Starch * Extracted from cassava root Helps product to feel smooth and non-greasy on the skin.
Kaolin Natural mineralAbsorbs oil and moisture, scrubs dirt and debris from skin and hair
Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil *Tea Tree plantAdds natural fragrance, plus traditional essential-oil benefits
Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil Eucalyptus plant Nature’s most effective insect repellent; makes your skin and hair feel great too
d-Limonene**Essential Oils
Citronellol**Essential Oils
Linalol**Essential Oils

1 Citriodiol® is nature’s most effective insect repellent. It is a naturally sourced, active ingredient effective against a range of biting insects, nuisance insects and ticks. It is derived from the oil of the Eucalyptus citriodora tree (also known as Corymbia citriodora), which is a natural and renewable resource grown in several parts of the world.

* Organic Ingredients ** Occurs naturally from essential oils