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Guidelines and Advice

Being a FeGoo Ambassador

“We help you feel good and do your thing”

Want to be a FeGoo ambassador? It needs to work for us both! You help us look cool, feel good about ourselves and help us design better stuff. We help you feel good and do your thing – better. Sometimes that means we send you free stuff or even make something specifically for you. More generally, we can offer a great deal of exposure for what you do (eg your work, project or cause) and help out with a bit of discount.

The best way to approach us is to be clear about what you want and why. What products do you need, how are you going to use them and why? It might help to include examples of what you’ve done already.

We receive so many requests that we decided to offer some advice – the better it works for us the more we can help you out. (Top tip – keep it short and don’t be greedy!) Think about the synergy between what you are trying to do and who we are. If there isn’t a good reason for us to collaborate/help each other out, then save yourself the trouble.

We support very few people and none of them have a contract with us, they just pop in for coffee or give us a call and we do our best to help out with what they are up to next. The only ‘rule’ is we have to like you and you have to like us.

What we don’t support!

It’s best to think of the link between what you are doing and how we might help out – we don’t generally support charity treks and holidays and will not make cash donations. Unfortunately, we can’t support everyone and here at FeGoo we have charities we feel passionately about – these tend to be related to outdoor sports, ethical business and our environment.

What we will consider

A wide range of adventures, expeditions, trips, if they attract us. Or maybe you work outside, or in harsh conditions? Your application has to be special, and fit in with what we are doing at any particular time, or help introduce us to a new activity – it might be just down to luck.

Getting in touch

Please send all requests to We do read every application though we cannot reply to everyone that writes in.

Your aims – tell us why this is a good thing for us to be involved with, what you’re actually doing, and how you plan to make it work for us.

Personality – what you’re doing might not be an extreme adventure, but your personality and imagination can create great stories that people will love.

Communication – if you are used to writing for the web, have an active Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account then that’s helpful. Blogs, videos, podcasts and images are great to share with our customers (and potential customers). Tell us what social media you use, and how you will use it as a FeGoo ambassador.

Groups and events

Perhaps you’re planning an expedition or project, perhaps for education, research, aid or a challenge. We may be able to offer discount, or products for testing in exchange for interesting and informative trip reports about what you were doing and why. We might use this to provide content to our site so people can read and share, so increasing awareness about your project or cause.

We are happy to discuss supporting or being involved in events (weird and wonderful, small and large!). Please tell us where, when, what it covers, how many people, whether it is a one-off or regular, and how you think we could collaborate. Even if we can’t be there/support your event, we might be to offer prizes or some other mutually beneficial activity. We look for a good value-exchange – perhaps helping us promote FeGoo with clickable links, banner ads on your website, our logo on the event t-shirt or a shout out during the prize giving.

Thanks for thinking of us – feel good, and do your thing!