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Our Vision & Values


Our main priority was to bring our customers products that work while caring for the environment. For that reason, you’ll find our ingredient lists are short and completely natural-we cut out all the bad stuff, but we’ve been completely honest about our formulas. You’ll find our full ingredient lists on our products-not on a box you get rid of as soon as the product arrives. We’ve worked hard to create formulas that help you be the best you can be, to help you prevent getting injured in the first place rather than treating the problem after it’s happened. We want you to trust our products and trust that you’re doing good for the environment too. We want you to get out there and enjoy yourself…work, play, travel.


Our vision was to create effective products for people on the move. We wanted to cut out liquid to make them easy to transport-no removing them from luggage at security causing a stressful start to your adventure.

As you probably gathered from our values-protecting the planet is top of our list of priorities so we’re making sure our products do good for the environment as well as being great products for our customers. We’ve made sure our ingredients are sustainably sourced and their containers are easily recycled or re-used. We’ve worked hard to create effective formulas which cut out all the nasty chemicals found in similar products, so you know they’re going to work and your impact on the planet is minimal.

We also wanted to create employment opportunities in our local area, flexible enough to allow our team to spend time with their families or go off on an adventure. Our team make our products by hand and test them too so we can confidently promote our products and our customers know they’ve been tested on real humans in real-life situations.

We also hope by 2021 we are in a position to start giving back, donating 10% of our profits to charity.