Upcycled Wash Bag

Wash Bag for cyclists




So, we created all of these amazing natural products and then thought about how our community could store them. Of course, the solution had to be as sustainable as possible as well as practical and durable. We found the perfect solution-recycled cycling inner tubes with a tyre valve toggle.

Our wash bag comes in 5 colourways-yellow, red, blue, purple, or green so they’re easily recognisable if the whole family has one!



Who is it for?

Quite literally anyone. Whether you’re after a hardwearing pouch to take on your travels or looking for a durable make up bag that isn’t going to give up the ghost after just a few weeks of cramming products in it’s for you. Our bags are designed to last, therefore having a minimal impact on the planet and they don’t need to be replaced every 6 months! Even if it does get a bit battered you can always repair it with a puncture repair kit!