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Deer Shed Festival 10 Sustainable Non-Food Trader Award

Our First Award

Well lets just cut straight to the point!

We attended the Deer Shed Festival in July and won the festivals ‘Sustainable Non-Food Trader Award’. We are over the moon that we have won our first award!

In a letter we received from them they quoted “Our team very impressed with your products, the packaging and the overall vibe of the stall” and “On further research we found out about your re-fill centre, this confirmed our decision”.

It was great to see that the Deer Shed Festival had banned the sale of single use plastic bottles and that plastic straws were also banned. They were encouraging people bring re-usable bottles to fill up at water standpipes around site, or a reusable pint cup for you beer.  It would be great to see more festivals taking the a greener, more sustainable route.

We attended the festival as a whole family, with the car and roof box packed to the rafters like we were going on a real big road trip (not 25 miles down the road). I’m not sure who was more excited me and Gem or the kids! We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy weekend though keeping the kids entertained and happy, whilst still having to work and promote our products, ethos and vision. Been very excited about our first festival with FeGoo and the kids, Gem and I forgot the rain coats and wellies, we just had sandals, shorts and t-shirts, which was ok for the Friday, but Saturday the heavens opened we soon realised we hadn’t checked the local weather, the site soon turned into a field of mud, mud and more mud. It was that wet and muddy on Saturday we thought it would’ve been a write-off but people still came over to chat, enquire what we were doing and buy our products- thank you to those that did.

We set up late on the Thursday night and was made vey welcome by our stall holders either side of us, which was great and been next to a stall that makes sells bubbles, we knew the kids would be entertained when we couldn’t escape and go listen to some bands and soak up the festival atmosphere. Asking Arlo (aged 4) what was his highlight of the festival he says ‘the bubbles’ not the music, crafts, dancing, sliding in the mud, the BUBBLES! Gem and I enjoyed everything we both managed to escape and see some brilliant musicians play, we will be back at the Deer Shed 11 next year. Hopefully we can have three days of blissful sunshine!

And finally…..

Does this mean we can now say we have ‘Award Winning Products’? haha