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SMALL changes make a BIG difference!

We created our range of products to benefit those on the move whether that be hiking in the Lake District, going to your favourite music festival, backpacking in India or tackling a hectic commute. But we also want to do good by those around us who may not be on the move-our local community. We want to provide them with household products that work while remaining affordable and helping them reduce their plastic consumption within the home. These small changes will make a big difference and who knows Swaledale and Arkengarthdale could be on the map as a sustainable and greener place to live, work and play.

Two Dales Community Household Refill Station

Our refill station stocks a wide range of products from laundry detergent to body wash. You can bring your own bottles or purchase them from us to use again and again. Barely a day goes by that we turn on our TV’s or look to our mobile devices and to see more disturbing evidence relating to the impact of our wasteful, throwaway lifestyles. Our refill station is designed to help you stop being part of the problem.

Not only do we encourage re-using plastics, the products we offer are of course kind to the environment. Our stock, including a number of products from Ecoleaf are environmentally friendly and safe to use throughout the home and with septic tanks-perfect for off-grid homes found throughout the dales. The Ecoleaf range is derived from plant extracts and is based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients, rather than the chemicals found in many household brands. As well as Kingfisher Toothpastes, Faith in Nature (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, organic cotton buds, dishwasher tablets, fabric softener, washing up liquid, loofahs (not them plastic scrubber things) toilet rolls, bathroom cleaner, kitchen roll and more.

We’d love it if you would come and give our refill station a go-you’ll be surprised how many products we stock!

The refill station is located at:
FeGoo HQ (old Swaledale Outdoor Shop / The Space)
Bagshaws Yard

Opening Times
Monday 0930 – 1230
Friday 0930 – 1230 (market day)

What products do we stock? 

• Ecoleaf Laundry Detergent (refill) 36p per 100ml
• Ecoleaf Fabric Softener (refill) 23p per 100ml
• Bio-D Washing Up Liquid (refill) 26p per 100ml
• Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets (pack of 25) £5
• Ecoforce Non-Scratch Kitchen Scourer (pack of 3) £1.50
made from recycled plastic bottles
• Ecoforce Heavy Duty Kitchen Scourer (pack of 3) £1.50
made from recycled plastic bottles
• Ecoforce Recycled Dish Brush made from recycled plastic bottles
• Ecoforce Recycled Dish Brush Refill x2 £2
• Ecoforce Recycled Super Absorbent Cloth (pack of 2)
made from recycled plastic bottles £1.50
• BioD Bathroom Cleaner (refill) 30p per 100ml
• Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner (refill) 26p per 100ml
• Kingfisher (Natural Toothpaste) Mint with Fluoride £2.85
• Kingfisher (Natural Fennel Toothpaste) with Fluoride £2.85
• Bio-d Anti-bacterial Hand Soap (lime and aloe vera or Geranium) 40p per 100ml
• Ecoleaf Multi Surface Cleaner (refill) 30p per 100ml
• Ecoleaf Stain Remover 500g Tub £2.50 per tub
• Ecoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Towel – 1 roll £2.45
• Ecoleaf 3 Ply Kitchen Towels – 2 roll pack £1.70
• Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue – 9 roll pack £4.95
• Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue – 4 pack £2.35
• Loofco Body Loofah x 1
• Faith In Nature Body Wash (refill) 99p per 100ml
• Faith In Nature Aloe Vera Conditioner (refill)
• Alter Native Body Wash (lavender and geranium) (Tea Tree, Lime and Aloe Vera) 90p per 100ml
• Simply Gentle Cotton Buds – organic – approximately 200 sticks £2.1o
• The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Tissues £1.99
• Alter Native Shampoo and Conditioner (refill) 90p per 100ml
• D2W Degradable Bin Liners (15 per roll) £1.50