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Improvised Soap Dish, Perfect For On The Move!

A cheap and effective improvised soap dish, that will help prolong the life of your soap.

Travel light with our improvised soap dish and make your favourite soap last much longer.

All you need is a:

That is it! When you aren’t using it you can store the elastic band in the soap tin too. All you need to place the elastic band over the soap tin, twist it twice and place it back over the tin. You should have then created a cross over the tin and the soap can be suspended over the tin allowing air to circulate around it enabling it to dry out, before your next use.

Improvised Soap Dish for soap bars

Keeping a soap dry in between uses will stop the soap from turning soft and mushy and if you are on a weekend away or travelling around the world you want to prolong the life of you soap.

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