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Product Review: Dry Shampoo +

Sarah from Fit For Adventure has been using our Dry Shampoo +, here is what she thinks

I use the FeGoo Dry Shampoo + when I’m out on my adventures and expeditions. As a lover of the outdoors, I spend as much time as I can out there, which means I often wild camp and stay out for days at a time. Keeping my hair in check whilst I’m out and about can be a bit of a nightmare, particularly when I have no facility to wash it for a few days. I’m not someone that puts much time into my appearance, but I do like to feel as clean as I can whilst I’m out exploring or challenging myself on outdoor expeditions.

I love that FeGoo Dry Shampoo + comes in a small bottle – it’s ideal for travelling and camping, and particularly longer expeditions when every last gram of weight counts. I cannot believe how long this little bottle is lasting too, I’ve been using it for months and it just keeps on going! There’s some kind of wizardry in that dinky bottle I’m sure. My favourite thing about it is the smell. It has an amazing lemony smell, which gives me the illusion that I’m freshly washed when I’m not – nothing wrong with tricking yourself into feeling good now is there! I also like that it’s completely natural, organic and not full of harsh chemicals. The fact that it’s not a spray is great too – much better for the environment!

I’d recommend the FeGoo dry shampoo + to anyone needing a go-to pick me up for their hair, particularly for travelling, expeditions and adventure.

Fit for Adventure